Why is BMC Better

I have been a high school basketball coach in Texas for 26 years and during that time I have used every major scorebook out there. Although they are all functional, I always thought there were missing pieces, pieces that not only would make keeping the book easier, but also help me as a coach find information faster. Below are just a few thoughts I had with the other scorebooks.

  • I used to have to use 2 scorebooks each year. Books only had room for 30 games.
  • Coaches must sign the book prior to each game. Why is there not a designated place for this?
  • Coach's warning, delay of game warning, Coaches tech, and bench tech are common occurrences in the games. They need quick and convenient places to be marked down.
  • OT gets an additional time-outs, scorebooks did not have a place for them.
  • After the game, I want to be able to quickly find the totals (score by quarter, score at the end of quarters, and totals)
  • Color coding always makes it easier to read.

Here is how I addressed these issues.

The BMC basketball scorebook has:

  • Room for 41 games.
  • Designated area for coaches signature.The Better Basketball Book1 section with all the warning and techs.
  • section for up to 3 OT time-outs
  • Color coded pages.
    • My team is on the left and is green
    • Opponent is on the right and is blue
    • Each page has totals in yellow.
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